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Roots, Stems branches and leaves,

The Upper Preppies gave life to it

We put together bit by bit

Parts of the plant, so well they fit


            Shrubs, trees, creepers and climbers

            Are all the different plants we made,

            With twisting, rolling, threading and sticking

  Our class room looked so bright and gay

  With the colourful display


Some facts we learnt you know,

About trees and flowers and how well they grow,

Raffleasia, Saguaro, Sequoia and red wood,

How big and tall they all stood.

 Ms Meera Kothari and Ms Vaishali Mehta














Class teachers

Ms Meera Kothari

Ms Vaishali Mehta

Class Mothers

Ms Chaitali Sah

Ms Tasneem Poonawala

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