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Ms Meera Dixit

Ms Shweta Walawlakar


                                                         Tavishi Das





The alarm rang as it was a school day. I reached out to switch it off but I was surprised as I could not reach it. I opened my eyes to see I was covered in fur. I screamed as loud as I could but instead it was just a bark. I hopped down from my bed and peeped through the staircase banisters. I saw that my parents and my little brother were eating their breakfast. I did not know what to do. 

I jumped and hopped down the stairs and ran to my parents but they just ignored me. I now knew I was a golden Pomeranian. As my parents left for office, I was a bit lonely. After some time, my brother had to go to school too, so he gave me a bowl of dog food and called me “Sparky”. Soon he also left for school. Now I was all alone and I was feeling very lonely. 

I realised after sometime that the door had a dog flap. I thought, ‘How about taking a quick walk?’ I ran outside and jumped through the flap. When I was outside, I thought, ‘Why don’t I go to the park which was near our house?’ I hopped and jumped and finally reached the park. 

I always had a liking for swings and slides. Forgetting that I was a dog, I ran and jumped on to a swing. I tried to push the swing but I was unable to do so. I saw many people staring at me and so I jumped down, ran and climbed up the slide and slid down. I was now having a lot of fun. I ran around in the open ground as I could smell the scent of the flowers. I had forgotten by now that I was a dog, when suddenly I heard a bark behind me. I turned around to see that I was face to face with a huge brown Boxer. It barked at me, I did not know what he was trying to tell me. So I just replied back with another bark. Then the dog got really angry and started growling at me. I just ran away from there.

        Now it was getting dark and I had to reach home or my family would get worried. I hopped about on my four paws and reached home as fast as I could. When I reached, I was in for a surprise to see that my family was already there. I was relieved as they did not see me come in through the dog flap. By now it was eight o’ clock and was getting late for my bed time. I was also feeling very very hungry. I saw my parents and brother eating their food. I tried to call out to them but only a bark came out. My brother realised I was feeling hungry and gave me my dog food. I had no choice but to eat it as I was really a dog! It felt a bit tasty. Soon I was feeling sleepy and I barked again. My brother put me inside the kennel. I went to sleep in a few minutes with no worries, dreaming about my strange transformation.



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