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Class Teachers             

Ms. Ines Sasson

Ms. Jayashree Pathak



Our topic for the project was “Man  The Inventor”.  The class was abuzz with the children’s inventions, games and toys.  They made a colourful time line of the early basic inventions of  humankind like:  tools and weapons, the wheel, fire making, buildings and houses, agriculture, crafts like spinning, weaving, pottery, jewellry making, boats iron and steel, glass and language etc.


They went on to understand about the discovery of electricity and magnetism and how this energy is harnessed to make our lives comfortable.  This stimulated the minds of our young scientists who went on to make models of the microwave, fridge, mixer grinder and pressure cooker.  They also created a watch that could tell all about themselves!!  It was a great adventure in learning !!! 

Ms. Ines Sasson Ms. Jayashree Pathak


















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