Student Government


The Student Government, as the name suggests, functions like a government within the school.
It has office bearers who are first nominated by existing office bearers and then have to get elected by the students —a process which involves hectic campaigning, impassioned speeches and finally, voting.

Each post comes with a specific responsibility and the new office bearers take their oath at a formal investiture ceremony. The Student Government is also assisted by Class Representatives from all the classes, from Std. V to X.

Only the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected by the school staff.

The appointments for the various posts for the academic year 2017 – 2018 are as follows:

Student Government

HEAD BOY – Pradyumna Sapre
HEAD GIRL – Aamyneh Mecklai

President – Vir Makim
Vice President – Malhar Narain
Secretary – Malvika Mehra
Treasurer – Mikhaail Broacha
Sports Secretary – Siddhant Agarwal
Social Awareness Secretary – Mannan Rajani

House Captains


Alpha House – Aria Panchal and Ved Asudani
Beta House– Maya Hattangdi and Niall Shah
Gamma House – Samia Jetha and Abhay Tole-Trivedi


Website - Atiriya Narayan and Karun Karamchandani

Art - Jaya Moorjani and Esha Mundra

Social Awareness - Sanya Chandwani and Aashni Talati

Sports - Dev Joshi

Std 1 and Outreach - Jana Jhaveri

Std 2 - Diya Chitrabhanu

Std 2 and Outreach - Anusha Jasubhai

Std 3 - Rehaan Pocha

Std 4 - Advait Wadhwani

Std 5 - Anaaya Shroff

Std 6 - Diya Karwa

Std 7 - Riana Shah

Std 8 - Vir Toshniwal

Std 9 and Outreach - Dhruv Gurjar

Std 10 - Aahir Hattangdi

Hall - Anant Parshotam


Std 5 - Vedica Sabnavis and Kahaan Karkaria

Std 6 - Nisha Ramakrishnan and Mairav Tolani

Std 7 - Ayaan Mecklai and Samaa Brurtenak

Std 8 - Aliya Ramakrishnan and Yohann Parasnis

Std 9 - Bhakti Almoula and Vedant Sharda

Std 10 - Ananyaa Mehra and Zian Mistry


The Student Council is the body and soul of student involvement in the DP. The purpose of the IB Student Council is to align the student body to the core of the IB Diploma Programme (CAS and TOK); to coordinate, initiate and carry out student activities; to act in a responsible manner towards the school; and to function in a manner that represents the ethos of the school.

The Student Council elected representatives for the year 2017-18 are:

DP Student Coordinator - Giriraj Hiranandani

CAS Student Coordinator - Shanaya Munot

TOK Student Coordinator - Mihir Parikh

Class representatives - Aara Mehta and Adi Mittal