Student Council


The Student Council (SC) is the three-person body that represents the BIS IBDP, and organizes events. The posts demand pedagogical skills, communication skills, diligence and meticulousness.

The SC also serves to represent two IB Core Components, which form the essence of the DP itself: ‘Theory of Knowledge’ and ‘Creativity, Action & Service’, managed by the ToK, and CAS Student Coordinators respectively. The Diploma Programme Student Coordinator heads the SC. Two Class Representatives from each class also assist the SC.

The IB Learner Profile demands certain characteristics of its students, based on which the SC is elected. Both, teachers and students participate in the election. Each post-bearer takes an oath at the annual investiture ceremony.

The appointments made for the Student Council posts for the academic year 2014-2015 are as follows:

Diploma Programme Student Coordinator: Paritosh Kanoria
Theory of Knowledge Student Coordinator: Simran Tejuja
Creativity, Action, Service Student Coordinator: Karan Vakil

Class Representatives (Grade 12): Anushka Mehta and Zeus Shroff
Class Representatives (Grade 11): Rabia Kapoor and Sushain Sadhu