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Advantage BIS



Why BIS? After all most schools do claim to offer more or less what BIS has to offer!  The advantage is that it is a school that was purely conceived to provide individual attention to every child.  Even today there is an emphasis on the holistic development of every child.  Learning is not just with the final public exam in mind, but with the aim to discover new avenues, new approaches to every subject. 


Besides the philosophy, there are several other unique features of the school.


  1. Parents Co-operative : The school is run and owned by the Bombay International School Association.  Parents of all children admitted to the School are required to become members of the Association. 
  2. Parent Participation : As a parents co-operative, it firmly believes that education is a combined effort of parents and teachers.  Parent participation is sought in all non-academic areas of the school, and parents must have the will and inclination to contribute.  Parents are expected to realize and appreciate the difference between participation and interference.

Participation by parents consists of :

·             Co-operation with the school in motivating their own child for educational pursuits carried out in a non-competitive and liberal environment.

·             Accepting and supporting the school philosophy in its entirety and co-operating in its practical applications in academic and non-academic areas

·             Helping the school with their own specific talent on either a routine basis (such as library, kitchen, etc.) or when a specific need arises.  This however does not mean that parents have to compulsorily come to school and work there as a routine.  Parental help is requested from time to time for specific tasks and events.  All such help is completely voluntary.  On the other hand, parental attendance is expected on days such as Open Class, Parent-Teacher Meeting, General Body Meetings, Founders Day Sports Day, Projects Day, etc.

  1. School Lunch The School has a kitchen committee comprised of Parent members. Sourcing  ingredients , deciding the menu and cooking a wholesome vegetarian lunch are the features of this very special committee.
    All students from  Std. I  onwards are encouraged to have their meal together in the school hall at lunch time. This facility is extended to all the staff members working on the premises.
  2. Library
  3. Technology Integration : The school is committed to adapting advances in technology to enhance the quality of education at all levels.  We continually invest in training, software, hardware and other resources required to upgrade our technology infrastructure to be comparable to the latest trends.  (Technology Integration)
  4. Seeds of Peace : Students of BIS have been taking part in “Seeds of Peace” programme which is an international movement to build understanding between the school children of countries which do not enjoy the best of diplomatic relations.  The main programme is held is Maine, USA and is followed up with a number of ongoing projects at a reasonable frequency. 
  5. Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) : BIS regularly takes part in the Harvard Model United Nations at Boston, USA.  It is an occasion for them to discuss and debate on international issues with students from all over the world.


  8. International Student/Teacher Exchange  programme  eg Millfield school,     Somerset - UK.
  9. UNIS--- Model United Nations in session at BIS
 10. Interact club for std VIII and IX
 11. Community Service Education Programme with city NGOs stds VI, VII,VIII
 12. IN-HOUSE Career Professional Aptitude Testing & Career Counselling  std  IX
 13. Special Needs Department with two qualified professionals handling the  Primary and Secondary sections 
      of the school




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