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How it all began


The journey dates to the year 1962.  A group of parents came together – hailing from different communities -- all disgruntled with the existing system of education – all determined to find an alternative.  Indeed it was a dream that set the ball rolling. Bombay International came into being with a firm commitment to let every child discover his/her ultimate potential.  The pioneers ensured the evolution of a system that is hailed even today as unique.  Finally, the boldness of the move was to give the school its very own special flavor – a sensitivity to every area of human endeavor.


A dream in their heart, a plan in hand -- the ideas of the Founder parents who formed the Bombay International School Association, came into being on just one floor of a rented house on Darabshah Road.  Two years into this tentative experiment, the school was asked to vacate the premises; however, the effort of these two years had convinced the founders that they were on the right track.  With renewed zeal the Association surveyed other possibilities, and came across the third floor of the Gilbert Building on Babulnath Road, which was available on lease.  In 1964, the Bombay International School moved to this site, its present location – the rest is history.


The re-location required funds, fresh long-term planning, and a more organized pattern of functioning.  The association collected membership fees and donations from individuals as well as companies.  The entire fourth floor was built, and with more and more people opting for the school, it was necessary to acquire more floor space in the building.  The Association deliberated on a curriculum, and textbooks were selected keeping international standards in mind.  The dream was to build a school with a global reach, yet with roots clearly and proudly embedded in an Indian culture and ethos.


From its very inception a few teachers were employed, and some of the mothers took on responsibilities depending on their special area of expertise.  A small library came into being – the open-shelf concept exists even today and mothers took on the day to day to functioning.  They even prepared the snacks and the lunch.  The fathers put their skills together to make some of the furniture, and the children assisted in the painting.  All in all, the school came into existence with a dream that was woven by parents, teachers and the children, of course.




1962 onwards has been a long march, and the school has moved with the times even as it retains the core values with which it started.  The emphasis on working towards a well-rounded personality remains as strong today as the year it started.  The singular goal is to assist a child to develop an innate potential to the maximum rather than encourage direct competition with other children. 


The founders were conscious that they were starting a system that was completely different from the prevailing trends, and even today the school does face the handicaps of this.  There is definitely a need for greater space, more play areas, and high running costs.  However, the bottom line is that every year the students who pass out reaffirm the commitment with which the school had started so many years ago – the children are confident, independent individuals, who can hold their own in every field they walk into.





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