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School News

Principals Report


Events for December



Class IV
New Page 1


The present Std IV "Class of 2010",  is a trailblazer.. The parents of this class have broken the "class" ceiling this year by having "Class Fathers" for the first time in the forty year old history of the school.. Class Mothers will never be the same again in BIS! K. Sridhar and Sanjiv Khandelwal are our class fathers this year- they have set a new trend that other fathers will have to live up to!

Another first is a "Yahoo Group : BIS2010" started by them for parents and children to e-interact... Lots of photos, our kid's works, other interesting information is being exchanged and posted here. Please check it out. To visit our group on the web, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BIS2010/

Class Activities

The Std IV Class Fathers are not only setting trends, but they have been doing exciting things for the class! They kicked off their year by organizing a Heritage walk at the Asiatic Society, followed by a sumptuous lunch, to discuss plans of the coming year. (Photos on 

Two Thursdays a month is Activity Club for the Primary.  This term the class fathers helped organize a series of activities on the topic of Environment.  There were talks and activities related to Vermiculture and Recycling.  Never to miss out on fun, the 1st April Activity Club was on "April Fool Pranks"..    a lot more fun stuff is planned - which will be posted on the website. 

Wednesdays are swimming or Yoga afternoons for the Primary.  The swimming kids are out for the whole afternoon, while the yoga kids get to do "The Mothers' ..oops.. Parents' Activity" on Wednesdays.  These have seen some great sessions on the topic of "Music". and yes, fathers have come willingly for some of these activities! Keep it up, guys!

"From the Class Teachers Desk..."

Our Class Teacher this year is Ms. Ines Sassoon

Our class performed a brilliant assembly this month under her, where every child wrote and enacted a poem about their favourite animal. Please check out photos on the Yahoo Group and this WebPages. 

The children went for an outing to the Nehru Centre to visit the "Discovery of India" exhibit and wrote intersting reports on what they saw and learnt!

Please check out the library to see the wonderful art work of STd IV put under the display table - it has really added colour to the library!  

BIS2010 Web Club

Our web page is going to remain active as the class fathers have formed "Web Clubs : Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Sky" which are five groups of children (with a designated supervisor parent),  responsible for collating and posting items on the Std IV web page. Please scroll down to see some of their output!

Give us your feedback at "[email protected]" and "[email protected]".


"Some STd IV parents and children enjoying the Asiatika walk organised by our Class Fathers"

STd IV : Asiatika Walk



A few poems by Stuti and Mili


Squeky the squirrel likes to jig

Squeky the squirrel wears a wig

Squeky the squirrel likes to dig

Squeky the squirrel is very big

Squeky loves to play with a cat

Think of that!!

Day after day

He loves to play

He is very cute

He doesn’tlook ugly like a newt

He is very kind

Like her any other you wont find.



Guess what season it is ?


All the flowers are blossoming

My mother lets me go out and play

On every lovelu spring day

You can see butterflies every time

You see them at dutch and also at dime

Spring is my best season

Which has a very good reason




1..What is coming but never arrives?

2. Where was the declaration of independence signed ?

3. What hurts when you pull it but not cut it?

4. How do you spell hard water with three letters?

5. What is harder to catch the faster you run?

6. What roars but doesn’t have a mouth?

7. What is more useful when broken?

8. What falls everyday but never hits the ground?

9. The more you take away from me the bigger I grow

10. What can speak every language?

11. On which side of the cup is the handle?

12. What is yours but mostly used by others?

13. What runs all over the baseball field but never moves?

14. What is more disgusting than to see a worm in your apple?



1.. Tomorrow

2. At the bottom of the page

3. hair

4. Ice

5. Your breath

6. Fire

7. An egg

8. Night

9. A hole

10. An echo

111. Outside

12. Your mname

13. A fence

14. To see half a worm in your apple



Some days are rainy

Some days are fair

Friday comes before Thursday


In the dictionary

What is the difference

If you will

Between these two

A hill and a pill

A hill is hard to get up,

But a pill is hard to get down

If you bounce a green peas

Off a bass drum

And into the sea

What will it become


A man rode to town on Thursday

And stayed all night in the inn

He rode home upon the same Thursday

How could such a marvel have been?


He rode a horse named Thursday


Heres an easy

Riddle to guess

What question can

Never be answered "YES"

Are you asleep

I give to you my best regards

But why are the wolves like playing cards?

They come in packs

Though it’s close toyour eyes

You’ll have to admit

Its hard to get more

Than a glimple of it

Your nose

I tell people their faults

Though I can’t make a sound

Even so, they must like me for always

They keep me around

A mirror



1. How did the shoe fall over?

Head over heels

2. Why do cows wear bells?

Because their horns don’t work

3. What do you call two banana peels?

A pair of slippers!!!!!!

4. Why did Cinderella get thrown out of the base ball game?

Because she ran away from the ball

5. What do you call a deer with no eyes?

I have no eye deer (idea)


If two’s company and three’s a crowd

And bees live in a hive

Tell me now for crying out loud

What are four and five



Walk on the living

They don’t even mumble

Walk on the dead

They grumble and grumble

Green leaves and dry leaves




14 10 1 16 5 9 26 4 11 18 17 2 15 8 20 21



25 12 23 3 13 19 6 24 22 7


With the help of the above code crack the following:

20 13 12 10 11 23

--- --- --- --- --- ---

23 14 20 20 2

--- --- --- --- ---

6 5 10 23 1 3 5

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

11 23 3 4 5

--- --- --- --- ---

10 5 23 3

--- --- --- ---



By Arnav


How do you make a tissue dance?

Put a little boogie in it

Why did Tigger stick his head in the toilet?

He was looking for "Pooh"

What do you get if you cross a snowball with a shark?


Why do French men eat snails?

They don’t like fast food

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Wooden shoe

Wooden shoe who?

Wooden shoe like to know?


Who’s Peter Pans worst smelling friend?


Why do sharks live in saltwater?

Because pepper water makes them sneeze


What does lightning wear under its clothes?


What did the mummy buffalo say to the kid buffalo when he went to college?


Where di zombies go for a holiday?

The dead sea








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