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Project Lightning

Project Lightning

Technology Initiative for BISA

 What is Project Lightning?

Project Lightning is the culmination of BISA’s vision to integrate technology with education in order to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and administration. The objective of the project is to establish state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) infrastructure at BIS in order increase productivity at all levels.

 In order to achieve this vision, an independent consulting firm (Universal Consulting) was appointed to undertake a detailed study on “IT strategy for BIS”.  The consultants conducted a thorough research on the role of IT in education (including national and international trends),  evaluated the current status of IT in BIS (including a detailed survey of teachers and parents) and submitted a detailed report on “Technology Adoption Plan for BIS”.

 The board set up an IT Committee to oversee the implementation of Project Lightning, as per the recommendations of  this  report. 

The members of the IT Committee are :

Ms. Paula Mariwala, Convenor

Mr. Samik Ghosh, Principal

Mr. Ninad Karpe

Mr. Ravi Marphatia

Mr. Minoo Dastur

Mr. Jay Desai

 What have we done so far….

 Implementation  of Technology Adoption Plan

To achieve the final objective of integrating technology with education, it was recommended that we provide the following:

  1. Better Access : Setting up an intra school Computer Network
  2. Increase Awareness : Training, Website
  3. Encourage Usage : Website Development, Multimedia Resource Room
  4. Improve Communication : Internet Access, Website


  1. Networking : An intra-school network with 22 possible nodes has been set up. The network project included cable laying and termination, installing two network switches and other relevant accessories. All components of the network have been tested and the network is presently operational with five nodes. (Computer Lab-Sever, Jr Staff Room, Sr Staff Room, Main Office, Principal’s Office.) The remaining nodes will be operational as soon as we can get more computers.

As a result of the network, teachers can access their work from any of these nodes and also share accessories such as printers, CD ROMS, etc.  Internet access is possible from all the nodes.


  1. Website :  A web design team was set up to design the BIS website. Domain name was finalized as and duly registered.

A web design team “Team Thunder” was formed with four students from ICSE class of  2002 : Nikhil Sondhe, Kunal Sahastrabuddhe, Dhruv Uday Singh and Shyam Kapadia. With guidance from Mr. Ghosh and Mr. Manoj George of Computer Department, the team designed the website entirely on their own. Though some work needs to be done to add more content, the basic site has been up since last week.  Follow up work will continue to be done by another “Web team” made up of students from Std. VIII and IX and led by Mr. Ghosh and Mr. George.  Mr. Manoj George has been very helpful in editing and maintaining the site.

We encourage all to visit and give us your feedback at [email protected]   

  1. Multi Media Resource Room : has been set up outside the library. We plan to have two computers in this room as this will be the access point for students to use the school network and Internet.  This room will house educational and reference software, which would be used by teachers and students. 
  1. Internet Access :  Internet access is possible from all the nodes on the network. Presently, internet access is thru the telephone line. More cost effective options like Cable Internet are being explored.

What we need NOW …….

Immediate Requirements :

  1. One PC in Preprimary Classroom **
  2. Two PCs in Library Resource Room **
  3. One PC for Special Needs Room**
  4. One Colour Printer For School Network
  5. One External CD Writer
  6. One Laptop Computer
  7. One LCD Projector
  8. New Server for the Network
  9. Three PCs for Science Labs**
  10. One PC for Art Room**
  11. One PC for Library**
  12. Two PCs for administration**
  13. CD ROMs for the Resource Room
  14. Shareware Application Softwares for the server

Required  PC Configuration :

      Pentium P- III  1 GHZ Based CPU With 256 KB cache 


      Intel 810 E Mother Board with Sound Card & AGP on board 


      128 MB SD  Ram


      40  GB IDE Hard Disk Drive, 1.44  MB Floppy Drive 


     104 Keys  Keyboard, 2 Serial & Parallel Port 


     52 X CD ROM Drive, 15 “ Color  SVGA Monitor     


Information Technology Integration in Education

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