Primary Update

The first Unit of Inquiry for the Lower Prep was – How we express Ourselves - in which the central idea was how stories can engage us and make sense. Many stories were told to the children. Then they were told about the 4 main aspects of a story – the characters, the plot, the problem and the solution. They were also encouraged to weave a story in groups or pairs and then dramatize or narrate their story or illustrate it. Mrs. Seervai narrated the story “Have You Filled My Bucket Today?” to the students of lower prep. In keeping with the central idea of the story, the students made their buckets, decorated them and promised to be bucket fillers. The Primary school had their individual English Elocution assemblies. All classes were divided into groups and each group performed a poem with props and a lot of enthusiasm. Std. 3 and Std. 2 linked their assemblies with their current UOIs, with Std. 3 reciting poems about the human body, and Std. 2 enacting poems about animals. It was Std. 1’s first individual assembly and the students were very excited to be on stage. It was also Std. 4’s last English Elocution assembly in Primary school.