Indian Music Assembly

The Indian Music Assembly for Middle School, held on 29th April 2014, started with class 5 singing ‘Dharati ne ghunghat pat khole’. This was followed by class 6 singing ‘Bhul gaya hai kyo Insaan’. Class 7 sang ‘Neeti ke Dohe.’ The poems were selected from the Hindi text book and set to music by sir Gavas. All three classes enjoyed the process and were very excited to sing songs that they had learnt as poems.

The Junior School Indian Music Assembly held on 3rd June 2014 for classes 1 to 4 was very entertaining with each class singing 2 songs, one classical and one contemporary song. Class 1 sang Raag Bhupali Sargam Geet and Sandesh Geet in the Gujarati language. Class 2 sang Sargam Geet in Raag Madhmad Sarang and Song of Hathi Raaja in Hindi. Class 3 sang Sargam Geet in Raag Bhimapalasi and a funny song about a ‘Gudiya’ in Hindi. Class 4 sang Sargam Geet in Raag Bageshri and a Hindi song, ‘Khel, khel mein jama dia hai pehla goal.’ This song is based on a Hindi poem from the text book. All four classes enjoyed themselves while performing.