Std VIII put up an extremely thoughtful and thought provoking performance for their assembly, which tackled the issue of bullying. A couple of weeks before the assembly, the class carried out a survey in the secondary section of the school, which enabled them to substantiate their performance with hard facts. With a Greek chorus, they enacted scenes that showed different perspectives of the issue, which they examined deeply and with surprising maturity. They gave us the perspective of the bully as well as of the one being bullied, and concluded with the message that we need to know when and where to seek help. Overall it was an outstanding performance. Std VI demonstrated how good planning can help create a good production. With the help of our drama team, Silly Point Productions, the class worked on two poems by Roald Dahl. Old favourites like Goldilocks and Snow White were performed with great finesse. The morning is best summed up in one phrase, “it was hilarious”. However the team spirit and excellent drama skills were evident throughout the performance.