General Information

Bombay International School was founded in 1962.

Here, teachers and parents work in close co-operation with each other. Students are encouraged to work freely and independently and are exposed to different facets of life. The aim is to assist them to develop their own potential to the maximum rather than push them into direct competition with other children.

It is a co-educational, secular School recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.

It is committed to providing  a "well-rounded education" aimed at the overall development of a child's personality.

Greater emphasis is laid on the style of learning and appreciation of what is learnt, rather than on the content of the curriculum. At Bombay International School, the Public exam is not the only end towards which the School works.

The School enrolls less than 400 children and keeps the teacher student ratio high (approximately 1:11) to make sure that each student gets adequate and satisfactory individual attention from the teacher.

Managing Committee

The founders of Bombay International School believed that parents have an equally important role in the education process of their children, as teacher do. Hence, the School was started as a parent co-operative.

When a child is admitted to the School, the parents become members of the Bombay International School Association. Each set of parents has one vote. The Management comprises of Parent Members, two Founder Members one Trustee Member, experts in a given field, if required, and the Principal as an Ex-officio member.

The Board of Governors supervises the overall administration  of the School. The Board members select from amongst themselves, one Chairman, one vice-Chairman, one or two Honorary Secretaries and one Honorary Treasurer.