The Academic Council is an advisory body.  Its role is to discuss & review academic policies of the school and to suggest modifications from time to time.  This body plays a crucial role to see that the philosophy of the school is reflected in the academic curriculum and at the same time to see that the academic curriculum takes cognisance of its relevance in present social circumstances and aims to fulfill the aspirations of the students and parents.

The composition of the Council is as follows:

Permanent Members:
Principal, Senior Vice Principal Academic Administration, Vice Principal, Head Mistress Junior school and the Special Needs teacher.

Temporary Members:
Three teachers, by rotation, from Senior, Middle, Primary and Pre-primary School.
3 parent representatives, one of whom is a board member.
One or two outside professionals for expert advice.


BIS relies on experts in different academic fields for its enrichment programme for students. These resource persons are invited from time to time to talk to students at assemblies and to smaller groups of students.

The School enlists the help of these resource persons on a long-term basis to cover a particular area of study that has been undertaken by the faculty members as a Project or a Scheme of Study.


The school endeavours to see that every teacher assumes the role of a special needs teacher, adapting the teaching to the individual learning styles of children.  Hence the 'child in needí is not separated from the class to work with the remedial teacher.

In the Primary School, special worksheets are devised as per the level of the child concerned.

In the senior classes, the programme involves coaching the child in special test-taking skills.  BIS have special modes for helping dyslexic students even in Senior School.

In the Primary & Middle School, testing is carried out, as the School needs to identify students with learning difficulties.  This helps them to get subject waivers, when necessary, from the ICSE Council.