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Adventurous Journey of Insect Land


Creepy Crawlies may put you off but not our little upper preppies! They began their adventurous journey of insect land with a trip to Shantivan, they enjoyed running after them in their natural habitat, including finding them outside their very own class. They learnt about different insects, their parts and life cycles, and were fascinated with a magnified view of them through a microscope and bug viewers. It was an enriching experience to watch a bee hive or even making an ant hill as a group activity. They also used different art textures and made collages whether it was insects at a picnic or at the dining table…

They completely loved creating their own insects out of pieces of scrap material such as bottles, paper bags and recycled them to create their very own insects.

Not to forget the fun with food activity where they made chocolate cockroaches and ladybirds and relished the delicacies.

It was overall  a joyful and memorable experience for both the children and teachers hoping to have removed their fears of bugs, if any...


Class Teachers Upper Prep
Ms Vaishali Mehta
Ms Pinal Morzaria


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