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Being a small school, BIS had little need for a School Bus Service. It was the School’s own strong sense of social responsibility towards easing the city’s growing traffic and pollution problems, and its co-operative spirit towards those of its children who had to travel more than others, that prompted the establishment of a comprehensive School Bus Service in 2002.

Today, BIS has an efficiently run Bus Service, with ten routes carrying children to and from School, covering the large distance between Cuffe Parade / Colaba, right upto Prabhadevi, for both morning and afternoon travel.

The Bus Service is available to students of Lower Prep to Std X. Bus Service forms are sent out to all children towards the end of each academic year which have to be filled out and returned before the Christmas holidays, with or without changes, so that routes for the next year can be finalized. During the year, parents can put in queries, route change requests or complaints into a special Bus Matters drop-box located in the School office. Alternatively, the same can be mailed to
[email protected] Personal communications can be directed to Ms Archana Khatri in the School Office or the Bus Committee Coordinator/Members.


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