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In a school that is dedicated to tapping the potential of every student
this is one section that promises to hear what the children have to say.
The manner of expression is unique, so is the content and the final audience.
Here goes then - the BIS student reaching out to have a say!!



Dear God,


         Why is there  no peace in the world ,

         And only war?

         Why are so many people sick ,

         And no healthy people at all?


          Why is everyone so rude,

          And hardly anyone kind?

          Why do people litter our world,

          And why does’nt anybody seem to mind?


          Why are the forests without trees,

          Why are there no butterflies or bees?

          Global warming is killing all of us,

          The air is getting polluted by every car and bus.


           Please help us god,

            To save and protect the world,

            And please teach a lesson,

            To every little boy and girl.


                                                                             Aanya Parikh,







I am the Bombay International School,

My children say I rule!

I work hard everyday,

So my students get lots of study and play.

I give my students a variety of subjects,

But they keep wondering when P.E is next!

The playground is right next to me,

Where children play whenever they are free.

I have a canteen where hot lunch is laid,

And children eat food lavishly made.

I have a whole big family,

That works together actively!


                                     -Svarina Karwanyun

                                              STD- VII




 when you’re up in the hills,

And the sun is rising


And in silence,

The whole world lights up


While the beautiful breeze

Whispers when you’re



The morning is very peaceful,

This is known as tranquility.

                                                                                 Jehan Daboo




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