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                      This is our school

                      This is our home

                      We are the kids

                      Of B.I.S

                      Like a big huge family

                      Love and unity.

                                               Wonderful atmosphere

                                               We have such fun

                                               Enjoying what we do

                                               Day after day,

                                               We dare to dream

                                               And to excel

                                               We’ll give our best

                                               In studies and in play

                                               All throughout our school days

                     As we go on

                    Friends for so long

                    Teachers and kids

                    Parents as well

                    This is our very own home

                    Here at B.I.S.


At Bombay International School we have a wonderful three way partnership between parents, children and teachers.  Our school song bears testimony to this.

In February 2007, our parent, Mr Ranjit Barot gave us the music for the song.  We listened as children played it on their instruments - the keyboard, the drums and flute.  Thereafter, the music served as an inspiration for the lyrics.  Children form Stds. V, VI, VII and  VIII sat together in groups and gave the music these words.  Finally the Principal and Music teacher put it all together and created the school song. 


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