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Welcome to our Kindergarten


The children are the flowers in the garden of Gods and just to put in reality the lower Preps worked on the flowers. They started with a visit to the garden, brought the flowers given to them by the gardener. Then children brought flowers to class, felt, smelt them and finally made them with different art material. Along the way they learnt the different parts of the flowers and their function. Counting and remembering which flower has how many petals, the shape, fragrance of petals leaves and their uses and lots more!

The journey through the garden of flowers was fun and enjoyable. The lower preppies truly bloomed blossomed along with the flowers and smiled all the way leaving and wonderful and sweet fragrance.

Oh yes! They also made rose perfume, gajras, torans and a magic too….they turned white gladioli and asters to blue, guess how?



Class Teachers LP
Ms. Shanta Borkar
Ms. Jignya Joshi


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